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Cobblestone Bracelet

  • B200477
  • Instructor: Sarah Thompson
  • Class Type: General
  • Date: Sun. August 23
  • Time: 9:00am-4:00pm; 6:00pm-9:00pm (9 hours)
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Maximum Class Size: 20
  • Class Fee : $314.00
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Additional Information
This bracelet is a little bit of everything. While the main component will be using wire weaving to create a beautiful bracelet and to capture a lovely cabochon, I will show you how to add subtle touches of fusing and soldering to enhance your finished design.
Students will Learn:
You will learn how versatile weave is as a bezel to form around any stone. We will explore how to use simple fusing techniques to enhance your design and when to use a tiny bit of solder within a design. We will also have some fun using files to shape rough nuggets and bezel.
Need to already know the modified Soumak weave before coming to class
Project completion:
Project will not be completed in class
Minimum Age Requirement:
At least 18 years old.
Supplies to Bring:
Anvil pillow, bench block, chasing hammer, cutters, flush-cut wire cutters, magnifiers, metal files, Optivisor, pen, permanent marker (pointed), ruler, task lamp, Tulip brand beading awl.
Chainnose, flatnose nylon jaw.
Materials in Kit:
Silver wire in multiple gauges, cabochon, micro beads, lobster claw, bobbin, jump ring, solder.
One seat per person per class.
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