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Cindy Holsclaw

Cindy Holsclaw Cindy Holsclaw is a bead artist and scientist specializing in geometric beaded structures. She developed an eclectic background in beads and crafts from a young age, but found her fascination with geometry exquisitely expressed through modular geometric origami. Cindy turned to beadwork for a creative outlet while completing a rigorous doctoral program in biochemistry and immediately applied the principles of geometric origami to beads. Quite naturally, beaded beads became her medium of choice.

Cindy’s fascination with new and interesting structures permeates her beading designs. She loves to experiment with newly developed seed bead shapes, as well as the wide variety of shapes of Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystals. She enjoys the design process of combining beautiful colors and shapes of beads with the intellectual challenge of engineering the beaded object. Much care is taken to ensure that the resulting beaded beads are sturdy and durable for long-lasting wearability so that the beaded art can be enjoyed for years to come. While regularly-shaped seed and glass beads form the core of her work, Cindy also experiments with incorporating freshwater pearls, semiprecious stones, and handmade lampworked beads into her designs.

With a strong foundation as a trained academic, Cindy shares her beading ideas through writing detailed patterns and teaching. Her patterns are fully-illustrated and complete with troubleshooting tips to help students navigate through technical challenges, and also include photos of variations to inspire her students to explore additional possibilities for the designs. She loves to see what her students will create with these designs!

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