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Emi Yamada

Emi Yamada Emi Yamada, a fellow member of the Bead Society of Japan, has learned many genres of beading techniques, from off-loom, bead crochet and wirework, to bead embroidery. Her unique and voluminous beadwork has won a number of awards at major competitions in Japan.

She is very particular about colors, pursuing her own colorway. Having a theme for each project, Emi completes and finishes every piece of her projects with great care. She attended the Bead&Button Show five times during the past five years to learn something new so that she could relate what she learned to her Japanese-based creativity. She tries to capitalize on the good quality of Japanese beads in her creations. Emi lives in Hiroshima City where the world-famous TOHO bead factory is located.

She loves to visit art galleries and museums to see and feel real and genuine artifacts. She enjoys collecting traditional Japanese porcelain such as Arita-ware and Imari-ware, and also playing the flute, which has been her hobby going back to her school days and is her way of relaxing.

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