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Kathryn Bowman

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Living as an artist is a dream come true for Kathryn. She has always been visually creative and expressed herself in the things she has made since an early age. Her life path has taken her all over the world, but she is currently happiest in her studio working with no consciousness of time, just the process. Beads always play a large role in her one-of-a kind designs while working as a metalsmith; and if there is a pattern on or in the metal in her components, she put it there.>br/>
Kathryn enjoys sharing her skills and has an active teaching and writing life; and a lot of her designs have become kits.
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Important Dates:

Bead&Button Show 2014
May 28 - May 31: Camp sessions
May 30 - May 31: Preludes
May 31 - June 3: Master Classes, Fundamentals in Technique, Workshops, and Moonlight Sonata sessions
June 4 - June 8: General Education Classes
June 6 - 8: Bead&Jewelry Marketplace Shopping
June 9: Encore sessions
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