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Gail Crosman Moore

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Gail Crosman Moore has been manipulating glass since 1982 and messing around with it in a molten state since 1985. She holds a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art, where she first experienced the magic of moving this hot and seductive material around, ultimately letting serendipity have its way to help her express, abstract, and celebrate the wondrous forms of nature.

Many media have struck a chord and have been used successfully as forms of expression; fleece and felt making are the newest addition to her cache of sculptural materials.

Gail has been an artist, teacher and small-business owner for many years. She teaches adults about the dance and magic of both lampworking and felt making, traveling the country and participating in bead and fine craft shows.
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Important Dates:

Bead&Button Show 2014
May 28 - May 31: Camp sessions
May 30 - May 31: Preludes
May 31 - June 3: Master Classes, Fundamentals in Technique, Workshops, and Moonlight Sonata sessions
June 4 - June 8: General Education Classes
June 6 - 8: Bead&Jewelry Marketplace Shopping
June 9: Encore sessions
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