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Judy Walker

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Judy Walker has been beading for over three decades, and she is well known for distributing lots of chocolate and buttons with funny sayings in her classes. Hundreds of former students just said, “Oh yeah, I had a class with her!” Judy is also known for her appearances in numerous books, magazines, touring exhibits, and galleries, and is a winner of the “Treasures of TOHO” contest.

Judy has learned, through direct experience, that owning kittens makes it very difficult to accomplish any beading. She lives in Monrovia, California, with her husband, a large collection of beads, what might be too many cats and, of course, chocolate. We thank Judy for annually teaching our Fundamentals of Beading – Beader’s Boot Camp which, over a three-day period, has introduced many beginning beaders to the art and delight of beading stitches. Patience is definitely one of Judy's virtues – and she really enjoys introducing brand new beaders to our art and passion. Thank you Judy!
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