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Nicho Shrine

  • B19B
  • Instructor: Heidi Kummli
  • Class Type: Master
  • Date: Sun.-Tue. June 2-4
  • Time: 9:00am-5:00pm (1 hr break) (21 hours)
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Maximum Class Size: 20
  • Class Fee : $1,205.00
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Additional Information
Nichos are small boxes made from mixed media and traditionally combine elements from Roman Catholicism, mestizo spirituality, and popular culture. Shrines are holy or sacred places dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saint, daemon, or similar figure of awe and respect, at which they are venerated or worshipped. In this workshop we will be making a small shrine from a beautiful wooden box. We'll start with a presentation to get you excited about different techniques and ideas, then we'll start brainstorming, designing, painting, and assembling the box shrine. You will bead your own components using bead embroidery and/or loom work techniques and your own beads and focal element, or a focal you purchase from Heidi. You'll also paint the inside and outside of the shrine in two of your own colors, or you may choose from Heidi's limited paint supply. Heidi invites you to focus on what you would like to honor in your shrine: ancestors, family members, pets, animal totems, a deity or deities, mountains, oceans, music, fishing… the field is wide open! Gather pictures and items that may fit into your design idea, like a piece of jewelry or family heirloom, a pet's tag, an old coin, a pinecone, stick, or crystal. Miniatures work great for shrines, too. The choice is yours! Your shrine will be unique to you or someone special in your life you want to gift it to. The option of hanging it on the wall or setting it on a shelf or table will be available.
Students will Learn:
Heidi will provide instruction on the many different techniques you can use in bead embroidery, epoxy clay, and also loom work. You will decide what techniques you wish to use and incorporate into your design. Bead embroidery, epoxy clay, loom work, layout and design, assemblage, found object applications, bead and leather fringe, beaded edging.
Project completion:
Project will be completed in class
Minimum Age Requirement:
At least 18 years old.
Supplies to Bring:
Bead pad and light, scissors, pliers, wire cutters, utility knife, beads any size and color you like to use, beading needle and thread, glue such as E6000 or epoxy, rubber cement, tooth picks, baby wipes for cleaning clay off, masking tape, two colors of water based paint for wood, ½” paint brush, stencils, sand paper 60 grit, pictures from magazines or online, photographs, ribbon, cabochons, flower beads, funky beads, fur, miniature animals or components, feathers, cup chain, chain, fabric, moss, rocks, stones, crystals, seeds, wire mesh, anything that you might want to incorporate into your shrine. If you’re interested in learning loom work please bring a small bead loom, Delicas beads work the best or looming but size 11 work great too. I have some patterns in my book “The Spirit of Bead Embroidery”, normally a pattern has 7-8 colors, look online as well for patterns or make your own. Students don’t need to bring everything on this list, only that which they want to use.
Materials in Kit:
Wooden Nicho, ultra suede, container of super thick Tacky Glue, 15 grams of black epoxy clay, $15 voucher to use on supplies Heidi brings.
One seat per person per class.