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Fit to be Framed: Silver Clay and Dichroic Glass

  • B180616
  • Instructor: Lyle Rayfield
  • Class Type: Metal
  • Date: Tue. June 5
  • Time: 9:00am-4:00pm (1 hr break) (6 hours)
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Maximum Class Size: 12
  • Class Fee : $234.00
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Additional Information
Show off a beautiful dichroic glass cabochon through a window frame in a silver house, hinged to display your architectural talent. Create a view of your house from the front looking in on a scenic wall, or fashion your view from the inside looking out. Either way, your unique house view will be sure to garner lots of attention and gain you a pretty price on the fashion market.
Students will Learn:
In this hands-on class, learn the basic aspects of incorporating dichroic glass into silver metal clay, including textured overlay construction, bezel options, external framing considerations, structural reinforcement, and firing options. Students will also learn how to make and assemble silver clay hinges, as well as how to gauge metal clay shrinkage to avoid cracking the glass during firing.
Project completion:
Project will be completed in class
Minimum Age Requirement:
At least 16 years old.
Supplies to Bring:
Craft knife, metal clay roller, metal clay tools, metal files, paintbrush (flat), paintbrush (pointed), ruler, tissue-slicing blade, tweezers, work surface, writing materials. metal clay thickness guides (playing cards, graduated slats, etc.), mini spatula or palette knife, clay shaper, snake/coil roller.
Materials in Kit:
Silver metal clay, dichroic glass cabochon,necklace cord, shared silver clay paste and/or syringe, firing and finishing supplies and materials. Use of tools and equipment, miscellaneous workshop supplies and consumables,use of texture sheets, stamps, plates.
One seat per person per class.
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