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Karen Bruns

Karen Bruns Karen Bruns began surface beading on wedding and bridesmaids dresses back in 1990, as a means to stay home with her children. In late 2008, she turned her focus to bead weaving and jewelry making professionally and began designing her own patterns. In 2011, she added Dichroic glass making and metal-smithing skills to her repertoire.

Karen is an accomplished International Bead Weaving Instructor having taught bead weaving and jewelry making in Mexico and India; helping women to start micro businesses to provide a sustainable income for their families.

In June of 2009, Karen traveled to Indonesia and taught several groups of women the art of bead weaving techniques and jewelry making skills. She has taught over 96 students abroad in the three countries and has established an ongoing relationship with the women she taught to foster their continued growth and encourage them in their skill.

In the U.S., Karen is a Jewelry Making Instructor at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA, and is a regular Guest Instructor at Bead Dreams in Stockton, CA.

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