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Shannon Jambard

Shannon Jambard Shannon Jambard has worked with different types of art all her life. Her mother believes she was born with crayons in her hand. From paint to fiber art to metal work and digital art - it is actually easier to say she doesn't knit or crochet but everything else she can do. She settled on the beading arts about 14 years ago.

Ten years ago, Shannon opened her own store which now covers the wide variety of products used in all forms of beading. She has written patterns for most of the store's classes. Her patterns/ kits have been shipped worldwide to previous students.

Shannon is a creative designer and teacher, she loves to teach her original designs. Often the late night inspirations become new creations and classes. She love combining color, metals, and different products to complete projects. She has been teaching, for the last 16 years, different forms of art in private homes, churches, continuing educations programs in local colleges, as well as retirement communities. Her beading classes have been offered for the last 14 years through local colleges, in her own store in Sun Prairie, WI, as well as the Art Glass and Bead Show.

Beading has been a passion of hers that started many years ago. It continues to inspire her to this day. As a young girl, she dreamed in technicolor shapes that today come to life in her jewelry. Even her children inspire her jewelry with the stories they spin. Her artistic graphic art skills learned at Rhode Island School of Design are applied today in classes and in the store. She would love to inspire you to think outside the box and expand on the skills she gives you in class.

Besides teaching, she loves running her bead store in Sun Prairie, WI, called Meant to Bead. The store's motto is "Your Best is Yet to Bead." That really says it all. You can always learn more to expand your artistic knowledge so keep beading! What is now thought of as a core stitch was once someone's creative idea taught and passed on to others. So take your beading to the next level with Shannon Jambard.

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