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Melissa Mauk Rodarte

Melissa Mauk Rodarte Melissa Mauk Rodarte's bead designs are the caveat for her true love which is to teach beading. Her extraordinary talents include being adept at getting pesky knots out of beading thread, threading particularly stubborn needles, and coming up with unique ways of solving problems while working on a project (a.k.a. bead surgery). She has taught at several bead stores in Southern California, is one half of the dynamic duo know as The Freckled Pear, and is a member of an international bead design team. Melissa's students love to take her classes because they are ALWAYS laughing about something. She finds that there is a magic that happens when you bring people together, give them a creative goal and then let them work towards that goal together. It's a beautiful form of synergy that bonds people from all corners of the world. It is unifying and equalizing all at the same time. It is her goal for people to look back on her classes and projects and remember their time together as this magical feeling of togetherness and joy...the beading is just the excuse to get everyone there!

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