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Pauline Peskoff

Pauline Peskoff has been been involved in visual arts all her life. While growing up in Russia she attended a School of Fine Arts in the afternoons. In high school, now living in Canada, she took all the art classes offered, although without affinity to any particular art form. Later, while attending Teacher's College to become a certified Biology teacher, she finally channeled her creative energy into beading and haven’t let go of it since. Pauline is completely self-taught from online and printed resources. She once took a class by Melissa Grakowsky at The Bead & Button Show and is grateful to have learned specifics on teaching a beading class. Pauline's ideas come from everywhere. She is usually inspired by imagery. This can come from anywhere: pictures online, things she sees on a street, or daydreaming. Often she is inspired by a particular colour combination, for example, looking through a kaleidoscope toy. Pauline has a degree in Molecular Biology and is certified high school Biology teacher. She lives in Ontario with her husband and two kids. Pauline's philosophy as an artist: "Try to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Always be learning. Try new techniques, use colours or materials you never used before. Exercise your mind and creativity."

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