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Jolanda Violante

Jolanda Violante Jolanda Violante is a musician, professional piano teacher and is animated by interest in different aspects of creativity and artistic expression. She learned how to crochet from her grandmother at the age of 10. During the years of music studies and at the beginning of her music career she had to abandon the crochet hook. After her daughter grew up, she thought it was time to resume the old passions. Thanks to the web she discovered that it’s possible to combine crochet and beads in a fascinating texture and play with the colors of those tiny glass seed beads. She began with very large size beads then gradually she was getting to smaller size. A bead crochet piece with small beads looks like a shiny fabric processing. The shapes and the dimensions of a bead crochet project are endless. She loves colorful jewelry, almost exaggerated, sometimes large and big but always wearable. Her bead crochet pieces won several important international contests such as the 1th prize in the IBA (International Bead Award) in 2011 and 2013. She was a participant in the Battle Of The Beadsmith in 2014, 2015, 2016. She teaches during several Italian events, in Germany (Hamburg, Augsburg) and recently during Bead Days in Kempten (Germany). An exclusive bead crochet creation by her is participating at Toho Challenge 2017.

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