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Enamel Diaries

Deb Lozier

June 5-7, 2017

Enameled Diaries

Enamel Diaries was designed as a dialogue for exploring the properties of vitreous enamel fused onto metal. The class mantra: An accident which can be recreated evolves into a technique. By presenting more thoughtful questions than detailed answers, this class promises to be a forum of discovery in color, surface, and texture. It is the act of isolating the variables — pulling apart cause and effect — which becomes the defining moment.

  1. Experience firing the enamel with both a torch and a kiln from an artist who truly understands the potential of both. Each student will begin by creating firing studies using both approaches, beginning their personal color palette samples.

  2. Working samples of each enamel application demonstrated, fired in varying situations to explore color outcomes and potential. Viewed together as a class, the results will present a large range of possibilities.

  3. Simple fabrication strategies and templates for creating enamel friendly forms plus tips for applying and firing enamel in 3D.

  4. Finishing techniques, and enamel friendly finding ideas for students who want to create jewelry.

  5. An overview of firing props and studio set-up for enameling, plus choosing a torch and/or kiln that is right for your work and budget.

Deb will begin by offering application and firing approaches she has developed over her many years of experience, giving students a broad range of possibilities and a foundation of understanding. Copper is her metal of choice, but silver and steel are welcome additions. She will then lead everyone through a series of personal investigations to assist in seeing enamel’s vast potential — through their own eyes. No matter how much history may lie within, all materials can be experienced like a new material. Discarding assumptions allows for new discoveries and unexpected outcomes to present themselves. Like going on a long hike into an old growth forest, everyone will return with an experience unique to themselves. The circle will close at the end when we gather together to share our paths while offering insight on where to take things next.

Who should take this class?
A basic understanding of vitreous enamel and small metals techniques suggested.
3-day class fee: $1,145 plus $95 kit fee.

Added benefits for Master Class students:
  • $35 registration fee is waived
  • Early registration before online opens to general public for additional classes
  • Commemorative Bead
  • Show T-shirt
  • Breakfast and lunch included during Master Class
  • Tickets to all Special Events
  • Transportation to/from Milwaukee Area Technical College where classes are held
  • Graduation Celebration – Wednesday, June 7

Print, complete, and mail or fax your application today!
Deb Lozier
Deborah Lozier is an internationally known metalsmith, jeweler, enamelist, sculptor, and instructor noted for her innovative approach to fusing vitreous enamel onto organically inspired metal forms.

Her work has been published in six of the Lark Publications 500 Series and she authored a chapter on torch-fired enamels for Enameling with Professionals by Lilyan Bachrach. She exhibits nationally and internationally and stretches beyond her personal work to include public and private commissions. She is a Senior Adjunct Professor at California College of the Arts in Oakland, California, and has taught workshops at art institutions throughout the United States and England for over 20 years.

Working with students from diverse points of view has informed her process with a rich understanding of possibilities. “I gather information from a room full of science experiments, not just my own. It’s amazing what comes from all of this exploration.”

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